Distinguished speaker roster for the 33rd International Publishers Congress

Award-winning Norwegian author Maja Lunde, satirical South African cartoonist Zapiro and eminent Indian statesman and author Dr Shashi Tharoor will be among the speakers at the 33rd International Publishers Congress, on 28-30 May in Lillehammer, Norway. Day one will open with celebrated Norwegian children’s author, Maja Lunde leading a discussion about the role of reading and culture […]

Interview with Kristenn Einarsson and Bodour Al Qasimi

From 28-30 May 2020, the 33rd IPA International Publishers Congress will take place in Lillehammer, Norway. We talk to the co-organisers, Kristenn Einarsson, Managing Director of the Norwegian Publishers Association, and Bodour Al Qasimi, Vice President of the IPA. Kristenn, why did Norway want to host the Congress and why Lillehammer? This will be the […]

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