The Nordic Educational Experience

In addition to the International educational track on Friday, The Norwegian Educational Publishers Forum offers a program from 2.00 pm – 6.00 pm on Thursday called “The Nordic Educational Experience”. The original target group for this event was the Nordic educational publishers but we know that educational publishers from other countries would like to join as well. All are of course welcome!

The Nordic Educational Experience.
The working conditions for educational publishers vary a lot around the world, but in many countries major changes in the curriculum are done at a certain time. These processes are of course very important for the educational publishers. Radical revisions of curriculum most often lead to radical revisions of learning materials or completely new ones.

This seminar starts with Norway as a case study. As the congress starts, the planning and implementation process for a new curriculum has taken place the last four years. Teachers will start to use the new curriculum in the autumn 2020 based on all the new and revised educational materials that educational publishers offer teachers and pupils. This is therefore a totally fresh case study on how a major curriculum change has been planned and executed in a time where there are major changes in the production of learning materials (not least the discussion on how to combine analog and digital learning materials).

Changes involves new business models for publishers and questions like what should be the responsibility of the government and what of the publishers concerning platforms and infrastructure will be addressed. We will also look at how the authorities involve publishers in the planning and implementation process in the Nordic countries. Is there a best practice to be observed to get the best possible outcome?

The draft program schedule is:

2:00pm – 2:50pm

The new curriculum in Norway

  • What did the policy makers want to obtain and what were the key elements? Presentation
  • What are the expectations of school owners, teachers and pupils to the new curriculum and educational materials? Discussion.
2:50pm – 3:40pm

The role of the authorities (presentation)

What is the role of the authorities in the Nordic countries in the development and implementation process of producing learning materials? How are local and central authorities involved in the ecosystem of production and distribution of learning materials and in developing the business models? How do they interact with publishers?

3:40pm – 4:00pm Break-out session/coffee
4:00pm – 4:55pm

The role of the authorities (discussion)

What do key policy decision makers in the Nordic countries think of the findings in the presentation? Is it possible to identify best practice to ensure the development of the best learning materials?

4:55pm – 5:50pm

The role of the publishers (discussion)

What do Nordic educational publishers think about their role in the future and which conditions should be changed to be able to create the best learning materials?

5:50pm – 6:00pm Summing up
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