Our Programming Committee has been hard at work preparing a special Congress for 3-6 December 2024 in Guadalajara.

Our first job was to come up with the theme that will guide our programming and the outcomes we want to see from the Congress.

We wanted something that would enable us to step back from the current day preoccupations of publishing and our societies, and to place publishing at some point in the future. Then we could focus Congress discussions on how we arrive at the point and the role of publishing in future society. On top of that we could build towards concrete conclusions and chart a path for the sector.

But how to capture all of that in a few words and in a way that works in English, Spanish and hopefully other languages?

We had lots of great ideas on the table, some were missing one element of what we wanted to convey, some were too generic, others a little too long. As with many such processes, the breakthrough was an idea that didn’t work but was the spark.

We considered Turn the page – there was something there, an idiom linked to the book, something about what comes next. But it felt too definitive, like everything needed to be left behind. And then came:

Turning Pages: Publishing and the Future Society

A quiet zoom call. Nodding heads. We had it. Setting that point in the future but also recognizing that there will be many steps on the way to getting there.

But this is just the start. We have many more announcements to come.

If we are to chart our path to the publishing sector of the future we need you with us. Tickets are now on sale at www.publisherscongress.com. Solo or duo tickets with great hotel deals ideally placed between the Gudalajara Book Fair and the Congress venue.

We can’t wait to welcome you to Guadalajara.

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