The best place and time to host the most important event in publishing

Guadalajara stands as a beacon of cultural richness and heritage. This charming colonial city is home to the Feria Internacional del Libro (FIL) – the largest and most significant book fair in the Spanish-speaking world. Annually, FIL transforms Guadalajara into a hub of literary excellence, with authors, publishers, and book lovers from across the globe. In 2024, this literary celebration coincides with the 34th International Publishers Congress, creating a unique opportunity for the world of publishing.

Guadalajara Central Cathedral (Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady), in Jalisco, Mexico

Turning Pages: Publishing and the Future Society

From the turning pages of an open book, emerges an Agave Plant: the symbol of the city of Guadalajara and its state, Jalisco. This proud symbol heralds the gathering of the global publishing industry.

Maguey is a plant that belongs to the Agavaceae family and the agave genus. Agave – from the Greek “admirable or noble” – would be its scientific name, coined by the Swedish naturalist Carl von Linnaeus in 1753. Currently, nearly 200 species of Agave are recognized, all of them American; just over half are found exclusively in Mexico.

The richness of the Agave genus in Mexico is due to the fact that this lineage emerged about 8 million years ago. From this center of origin, its species diversified and expanded their distribution thanks to its metabolism that produces and conserves sugars, fibers and water; which allows them to resist in drought conditions.

By taking advantage of the maguey plant, the first agricultural peoples of Mexico domesticated and diversified it through human selection, to obtain various benefits from this plant such as: Food (Maguey worm); Textile Fibers (Ixtle) and Drinks (Tequila, mezcal, bacanora, pulque)”

IPA 34th International Publishers Congress in Guadalajara Mexico

An iconic venue

Conjunto Santander de Artes Escénicas has become a modern cultural landmark in Guadalajara, offering world-quality spaces for diverse performances from concerts to ballets. Its striking architecture and varied halls make it a hub for artistic expression and a key destination for the arts in the city. Acknowledging the support from FIL and the University of Guadalajara, this will be the grand stage of the congress.

Conjunto Santander de Artes Escénicas

Early-Bird Fee

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Early Bird Stage

Deadline: March 31, 2024, Mexico City time.


Access to the Congress and networking events, social events and Cultural Trip.


Access to social events and Cultural Trip.


We have partnered with three hotels in Providencia, an iconic neighbourhood in Guadalajara:

All of our partner hotels are less than a 5-minute walk from each other, and are strategically placed between the Congress Venue and the Book Fair.

We have negotiated excellent room rates at our partner hotels including for the 3 nights before and after the Congress. The indicated rates apply for double and twin rooms.

Bear in mind that hotel demand and prices are high during FIL Guadalajara so we encourage you to book early to benefit from our preferential rates.

Bank transfers are only accepted from organizations established in Mexico. Please ensure all bank transfers include the registrant’s name and registration number.


Transportation between the different Hotel and Congress Venues will be organized for all congress participants following the itinerary of the official schedule.